Home Remedies to Reduce Creatinine Levels

how to reduce creatinine level with exercise

Do exercise regularly and stay hydrate. Image via Freepik

Creatinine is a waste product that is produced when creatinine, a component that is found in the body for metabolism, is used up in the metabolic process. Creatinine is filtered and passed through the functions of the kidney. It is excreted through urine. A test to check the level of creatinine in the blood requires a sample of blood and urine. If the levels of creatinine are high in urine and low in the blood, then the kidney are functioning well. However, if the levels are high in the blood and low in urine, it could be a snapshot of what is going on in the kidneys and could point to a bigger problem. Many people want to know how to reduce creatinine level home remedy so they can promote healthy functioning of their kidneys. There are various home remedies including:

How to Reduce Creatinine Level Home Remedy Using Diet

If you have high levels of creatinine in your blood, then you need to incorporate vegetables such as cucumbers and bitter gourds in your diet. In addition to this, you need to eat berries, parsley and other foods that are rich in Vitamin B. This should be complemented by the intake of free-range organic meat that is grass-fed if you are to have any meat in your diet. The diet should also avoid some foods. These include those that are rich in phosphorous, potassium such as bananas and any food that is high in sodium content. How to reduce creatinine level home remedy requires you to stop taking a diet rich in processed foods and a lot of salt.

How to Reduce Creatinine Level Home Remedy Using Teas

There are certain herbs that help to stimulate production of urine by the kidney. These herbs are believed to help in the production of urine and therefore the excretion of creatinine. The studies supporting these teas are limited, but the theory has not been disputed. These herbal teas include the stinging nettle leaf and the dandelion root. In addition to the teas, you can also include freshly ground cinnamon in your drinks as it also helps to reduce the creatinine levels in the body.

Hydration and Exercise

If you want to reduce the levels of creatinine in your body, you have to stay hydrated. This is one of the how to reduce creatinine level home remedy that has two sides to it. First, low levels of fluid will lead to creatinine build up because there isn’t enough fluid for urine to be formed and the waste product to be excreted. You, therefore, need to take at least six glasses of water daily. On the other hand, too much fluid intake is also detrimental as it supports high creatinine levels. The effectiveness of hydration lies in balanced fluid intake. In addition to staying hydrated, you need to engage in low-intensity exercises such as brisk walking and yoga as opposed to high-intensity exercises such as running and aerobics. These low-intensity exercises reduce the formation of creatinine thereby reducing its level in the body.

This is just a part of how to reduce creatinine level home remedy. You can incorporate more solutions such as adequate sleep to get better results. You can find more information on Beat Kidney Disease.

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