Understand Kidney Deficiency in Detail

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The Kidneys function to filtrates blood and remove nitrogenous waste compounds which are harmful to the body when they are left to accumulate. The functional unit of the kidney is the nephron and when the kidney is incompletely functioning, its shows that the nephron has been affected. Kidney deficiency could be chronic or acute depending on the cause. The treatment of kidney deficiency is dependent on the cause and the severity of the disease. When treated early, many people recover early and continue living a normal life.

Causes of Kidney Deficiency

Some Kidney deficiencies are caused by inherited disorders like kidney or renal calculi. These are popularly known as kidney stones, and they are caused by excess calcium deposits in the kidney. They cause obstructive kidney failure, and you might not be able to pass urine if they block the urinary tract. The second cause of kidney deficiency is infection from pathogens like bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. These normally cause chronic kidney deficiency, and when left untreated for long, they can make the kidney tissue to become necrotic. The third cause is trauma involving the kidney like bullets, penetrating arrows or assault cases. This causes acute kidney failure, but when the traumatizing agent is removed, recovery normally becomes quick and easy.

Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Failure or Deficiency

The clinical signs that are observable on physical assessment include swelling of both the lower limbs, reduced urine output, feeling of tiredness and fatigue. Sometimes urination of blood, hematuria is present, and patient may complain of difficulty in urinating. Lab investigations will reveal low glomerular filtration rate, increased Urea in blood, reduced creatinine clearance and increased accumulation of Bicarbonates. Depending on the findings, treatment varies from client to client.

Treatment of the Kidney Deficiency

If it is due to kidney stones, two treatment options are available. The first one is to take medication that will neutralize the stones if they are still small. If they are large in size and number, surgery may be indicated to remove them so that you clear the urinary tract. If the Kidney deficiency is caused by infections, lab investigations should be done to find the infecting agent and treat it with the appropriate anti-biotic. If the antibiotics are used without knowing the causative agent, resistance might occur, and this could complicate the condition further. If the renal insufficiency is due to trauma, then the traumatizing object should be removed, the kidney sutured and patient put on a maximum bed rest for quick recovery.

The bottom line is that kidney deficiency has different causes. If you identify the causes, it will be easy for you to treat the kidney problem. When left untreated, the severity of the condition keeps on increasing, and you might have to undergo a kidney transplant for you to survive. It is good for you to undergo intensive diagnostic measures so that the real cause of the condition is identified before any form of treatment is initiated. You can check at this review for detailed information about kidney deficiency.

How to Reverse Stage 3 Kidney Disease

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Kidneys are important body organs that remove excess fluid and waste from the body which helps in cleansing blood. These two organs should be kept healthy at all times in order to function properly. When the functions of the kidney decrease moderately, this is known as stage 3 kidney diseases. Can stage 3 kidney disease be reversed since it cannot be cured? Many are still asking this question.

Adapt a Healthier Diet Plan under a Professional

Can stage 3 kidney disease be reversed with a healthy diet? Remember that kidney removes waste from your body especially from the foods that we eat. Having the wrong types of foods such as those with phosphorous and potassium could lead to more kidney issues. You should correct your diet plan by adapting to a healthier one under the guidance of a certified nutritionist together with your doctor. In order for a diet plan to be effective in reversing stage 3 kidney diseases, it should be followed strictly, and high consumption of protein should be avoided.

Keep Your Health in Check

Monitoring your overall health helps in reversing and reducing the symptoms of stage 3 kidney disease. It is quite important to maintain optimal blood sugar levels since if this is not done, the damage of nephrons will continue. Besides blood sugar monitoring, kidney functions and blood pressure should also be monitored closely.

Reversing Stage 3 Kidney Disease with Medication

Can stage 3 kidney disease be reversed? Yes, treating the symptoms will help in reversing it. When the disease begins, a few nephrons out of the million are injured and to stop it from progressing, proper medication should be taken. Taking medications helps in avoiding overworking the nephrons functioning properly and causing more injury as well as repairs the kidney intrinsic cells that are injured. Having a doctor to advice on the best medications is essential. Proteinuria and anemia are some of the complications that can result from the disease if not treated. Since the disease can be very painful, a safe pain management is highly advisable, and some medications should be avoided.

Have a Safe Workout Routine

Just like a healthy diet plan, exercising regularly is another way to reversing stage 3 kidney disease also known as CKD. If you keep asking yourself this question, can stage 3 kidney disease be reversed? You should know that a regular workout program can be combined with a healthy diet and proper medication, to effectively fight the disease. You should consult your doctor before starting on a training program due to your health status.

If you or someone you know suffers from this painful disease, you can reverse its effects by having a healthier diet plan, exercising regularly and taking the proper medication. By following this link, you can learn more of how to reversing stage 3 kidney disease. These reversal methods promote the health of the intrinsic cells and prevent further damage. It’s a way of improving the quality of life in those suffering. Can stage 3 kidney disease be reversed will no longer be a question.

What Causes Low Urine Creatinine Levels?

what cause of low urine Creatinine

Causes of Low Urine Creatinine Level. Image via Freepik

Creatinine is referred to as the waste product that resulted from the muscle metabolism.   People with healthy kidneys will easily filter it out of their body which will help them maintain the optimal level of Creatinine in the blood stream and in their body.  Analyzing the level of Creatinine will often be included in the lab testing in order to assess the function of the kidney.  In case you found out that you have a low urine Creatinine level, there may be different reasons about it.  It can be due to low-protein diet and sometimes it can be serious like liver disease. 

Causes of Low Urine Creatinine Level

People who have conditions like muscular dystrophy and myasthenia gravis tend to have low Creatinine compared to the average individual.  In addition, people suffering from mobility problems will reduce their muscle mass.  Here are some additional causes of low urine Creatinine level.

Liver Problem

Our liver has a direct effect on our Creatinine.  This means that if your liver is not functioning properly, it can possibly result to low urine Creatinine level.  Hepatitis and liver disease like the kidney problem can affect the production of Creatinine.  In case you notice some symptoms that are associated with this condition, we advise you to consult your family doctor as soon as possible.


Your age can also be the source of low urine Creatinine level.  This is simply due to the fact that our muscle mass tend to reduce as we grow old.  The basal metabolism of person can also decrease as they age.  The metabolism rate of a person will start to decrease at the age of 30 and will continue to decrease as they age due to the amount of hormone concentration.  Based on the study, the average person tends to lose a pound of muscle mass annually.  This will lead to a decrease concentration of the waste product.

Decreased Muscle Mass

Degenerative muscle cases like Myasthenia gravis, muscle dystrophies and related condition that can affect the metabolism of muscle will reduce our muscle mass.  The concentration of the Creatinine in our bloodstream is closely related with our muscle mass.  A persistent low urine Creatinine level can be caused by a systemic condition of a malfunctioning muscle metabolism.

Protein Deficiency

Another known cause of low urine Creatinine level is a deficiency in protein.  The production of Creatinine will occur through the metabolism of nitrogenous compound and protein in our body.  Low Creatinine can be a sign that we are not receiving the right amount of protein. 


When a woman is pregnant, the volume of the plasma will increase on the second trimester which will dilute the concentration of the Creatinine in our blood stream.  With the elevated plasma, the glomerular filtration will also increase which means that high amount of blood is being filtered in our kidney and the Creatinine will be excreted.  Low urine Creatinine level when pregnant is considered normal and does not require any treatment.  After the delivery, the level of Creatinine will become normal.

It is important to understand the source of the low urine Creatinine level to make sure that the right treatment will be administered.  For additional information about Creatinine, be sure to check out Beat Kidney Disease.

How to Improve Kidney Function

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Get enough sunlight to improve your kidney function. via Freepik

Whether you have a previous bad history with your kidney function, or you just want to improve kidney function, there are many things you can do in order to empower their function, in a natural way. Start today your new routine and help your kidney better function for many, many years.

The Importance of Water

Important as it is, proper hydration will perform miracles on your kidney function. However, most people tend to drink water in the wrong way. How is this possible? When you let yourself without water for many hours and then just drink a whole glass of water at once, you actually do more damage than good.

You instantly increase the blood stream pressure, making your kidneys work twice as hard so that they can regulate the pressure once more. Therefore, it is best to try and drink water, slowly throughout your day. Keep this in mind the next time you feel hydrated and try to control the amount of water you are drinking, in under 30 seconds.

Healthy Sunshine

Sunlight makes our skin glowing, as our body produces vitamin D, whenever you encounter the sun at your outdoor activities. Vitamin D has many important benefits into your body, it prevents cancer, enhances your immune system and the bone health as well. To improve kidney function, you need proper amount of vitamin D. if you lack the proper amount of vitamin D, then this might lead to diabetes, kidney disease or even cancer. 15 minutes a day in the sun will do the trick!

Juice It Up!

If you want to significantly improve kidney function, then you should consider inserting many kinds of juices into your everyday diet. Important vitamins and minerals are inside all vegetables, and you just have to create some fun smoothie recipes in order to enjoy them all day long. The best fruits and vegetables in order to start your juicy routine are watermelon, celery, raspberry, beetroot, cucumber, carrot, strawberries, peach, and parsley. This is the best and easiest way to improve kidney function without having to make major changes in your everyday life. Refreshing smoothies, summer salads, and afternoon fruity snacks can be an easy way through a healthy kidney function.

Regular Exercise

It is no secret that daily exercise can offer you many important benefits. Choose an exercise that you find truly fun and amusing to do, and you will never get bored in your life. By engaging into a daily exercise program, you reduce the chances of getting diabetes or high blood sugar levels. It can lower the blood pressure and reduces the bad cholesterol. Do all these attributes help to improve kidney function?

Actually, yes they do. Offer yourself another great gift and start your workout program today. Your kidneys will thank you every day for this amazing gift, and your overall health and body figure will significantly improve as well. Make this awful disease an old story by following many of these tips and improve kidney function.

How to Reduce Creatinine Levels in Your Blood?

how to reduce creatinine levels in your lifestyle

Changes your lifestyle for better creatinine levels. Image via Freepik

There are quite a few things that you might want to know if you want to keep your body in proper conditions. Creatinine is a substance which is actually a waste product. It is found in the blood of every person. However, if everything goes properly with your body, your kidneys should be capable of filtering the blood and passing the substance out of your body. There are, however, quite a few reasons for which harmful amounts of creatinine can build up and cause serious issues.

Luckily, if you want to know how to reduce creatinine levels in your blood, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. There are a few different methods that you can take advantage of, and everything will be handled as per the highest standards. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look.

Be Thoughtful

Right off the bat, you should make yourself aware of what creatinine is and how it affects your body. This is absolutely critical. This way you can effectively figure out the ways to handle it, and that’s going to have a better effect. So, before we proceed with actionable tips on how to reduce creatinine levels in kidneys, it’s important to be perfectly knowledgeable and to be well aware of the things that this is capable of causing.

Herbal Remedies

There are quite a few things which would help you to naturally reduce the levels of creatinine in your blood. Right off the bat, you can drink green tee. This is supposedly going to reduce the overall amount of the substance in your blood. There are studies which support this particular benefits, even though they are rather limited.

Nettle Leaf Supplements

Now, nettle leaf may actually help you to elevate your renal excretion. This is likely to help you eliminate the overall excessive amounts of creatinine. This is definitely something that you should take into account if you want to know how to reduce creatinine levels in your body. You can take them in the form of tea or as supplements. The latter, however, is thought to be more effective.

Make Changes to Your Lifestyle

Creatinine buildup is usually the cause of serious issues in your lifestyle. You are not doing enough exercises if any at all. You might be having stress issues and all things of this particular type. This is something that you should be working on. It’s something that you should address as soon as it is possible in order to ensure that everything is handled properly.

As you can see, the majority of these solutions are rather unverified. If you want to truly reduce your levels of creatinine, you should take something which is known to work. Something like what we have to offer. Take advantage of this product, and you will be capable of dealing with this issue in shorter terms than you expected.